Saturday, January 14, 2012

Gyoza (餃子)

Original of Gyoza is from China name Jiǎozi   餃子. Nowadays it widely spreads to Asia, Japan and Western. The ingredient is varied but typically it includes minced meat, chopped cabbage or Chinese cabbage and garlic filled in round wrapper.
My recipe is adapted from Japanese cookbook. In Japan, Gyoza is typically eaten together with Ramen Japanese Noodle or simply as a side dish for beer.

How to wrap Gyoza

How to wrap Gyoza

Ingredients ( for 20 pieces)
100 g   Minced ground pork 
1/4 head  Cabbage  (medium)
1 Teaspoon   Garlic paste                         
1/2 Teaspoon   Ginger paste                       
1 Teaspoon  Soy sauce                           
A dash of Pepper  and Salt                         
A little Corn Starch                      
A dash of Sesame oil                       
2 Tablespoons Vegetable oil                     
20 pieces  Round wrappers               
100 ml  Water                                  

Dipping Sauce

2 Tablespoons Soy sauce                       
2 Tablespoons Vinegar                            
A dash of Chilly oil                          

  • Wash the cabbage and chop very finely. Add a bit of salt and mix well then squeeze out all the water from the cabbage and set aside.  Add garlic and ginger paste, salt, corn starch, sesame oil to minced ground pork and mix well. 
  • Finally add chopped cabbage and mix well. It's best to mash everything with your hands. Keep it for 30 minutes.  Meantime prepare the sauce by mixing all the ingredient together. Adjust dipping sauce  to your taste.  
  • Put the mixture in the middle of each wrapper, wet the edge with water and seal. Sprinkle  some corn starch on the plate and coat the bottom of Gyoza on it, for nice crispy results.   
  • Heat the pan with 2 Tbs of oil and arrange the Gyoza in nicely. Pour in 100 ml of water and put a lid on. Keep it in middle heat till the water is less. Open the lid and add a dash of sesame oil and it's ready to serve. Serve hot with the sauce. 
Meat Gyoza and Spinach Gyoza

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