Monday, August 20, 2012

Crispy fermented soybean relish (ရွမ္းပဲပုတ္ေစ့ေၾကာ္)

Crispy fermented soybean relish (Shan Pe Pote Says Kyaw) is a Shan traditional favorite dish. Fermented soy bean is a symbol of Shan dish. There are many kinds of fermented soybean in a paste, dry, and bean types. The way to serve this dish are varied. Simply eat with hot rice and sour soup or eat with Shan tomato rice.
It's simply delicious and very nice aroma of the fermented soybean if you like the smell. Other unfamiliar may find the bean has strong smell.  Nevertheless Shan people love fermented soybean and its the symbol of Shan food. This dish can be prepared in a large volume and eat throughout the week. But you must be very careful to make it very dry otherwise it will get soggy. I am using Japanese Natto to make this dish just be careful to wash out all the stickiness. Ok let's get started.

1 pack of Natto ( 3 little packs inside)
5 cloves garlic
1/4 head of big onion
2cm ginger
3g Katsuo bushi fish powder (substitute with dry shrimp powder)
1 teaspoon of salt
1 tablespoon of chili powder or more
100 ml oil

Ingredients: Japanese natto, onion, garlic, ginger and dry chili

1.First of all, wash natto in a strainer, continued washing untill all the stickiness is gone and set aside. Then get the ginger grated, slice onion and garlic finely.

2. Heat the oil, fried onion until crispy and take out. Continue the same process with the garlic. Be careful not to get them burned.  

3. Heat the remaining oil and add fermented soybean (natto), fried it until it becomes a little dry and then add the grated ginger. Continued frying for a while until it gets dry. Drain the oil out if its too much oil. It should be dry at this stage. Turn the heat on again add katsuobushi powder, salt and chili powder or if using the whole chili break it to small pieces. Stir well and adjust the taste to liking.

4. Keep it completely cool before adding the crispy onion and garlic. Otherwise it will get soggy. When it gets cool add the crispy onion and garlic serve immediately. Keep the remaining in an airtight dry jar.

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