Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Nagaoka Firework (Photo from blog-imgs-45-origin.fc2)
Hello dear readers,
Summer is the season of holiday in most of the country. Summer starts from early July to August in Japan. The temperature is around 25 C to 37 or so depending on the area. Recently it becomes hotter than before as a result of global warming.
It is very common to see a heat stroke forecasting on a TV. After living in Japan for a while, it's become my habit to check daily weather forecasts as they are very precise. Summer is also a mixture of rain and typhoon season so rain could fall anytime. Checking weather forecast is a good way to plan outside activity.  

Firework is a symbol of summer in Japan. People will put on a Yukata (summer kimono) and go to see a firework at the nearest area. Many popular fireworks are held throughout Japan and one famous firework events is at Nagaoka City, Niigata prefecture. Recently it becomes a movie and it shows the story of fireworks history in Nagaoka City. Apart of fireworks event, there are also many attraction events such as climbing, camping, going to beach, concert and so on.

Another  popular activity is chilling at home and watching high school baseball match. A home is definitely the best place to relax and get gather while enjoying a summer foods. Popular summer foods are cold noodles, Unagi rice bowl, chill tofu, edamame, somen and  certainly a jug of cool beer. Unagi rice bowl is probably my favorite as its said to give an energy during summer day. what is your favorite summer foods and activities? Let's share with me!

Water melon and Beet (Photo from arukikata.co.jp)

Kakikouri- Bluberries shaved ice (goichi.jp)
Somen - Japanese cold noodle ( Photo from photolibrary)

Soba - Japanese cold wheat noodle (Photo from Japan Embassy Swiss)
Unagi rice bowl set - Japanese sea eel rice bowl set ( Photo from fukuzuchi.com)

Yukata - Summer Kimono (Photo from voi.0101.co.jp)

Yukata - Summer Kimono (Photo from voi.0101.co.jp)

Yukata - Summer Kimono (Photo from yukatamusubi.com)



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