Saturday, September 29, 2012

Edomura Nikko

Edomura or Edo wonderland is an amusement park of Edo period (1603-1868). As soon as stepping into the theme park you will feel you are back to Edo time because of the atmosphere, buildings,  the costume are all set to that of Edo time. All of the staff dress up in Edo-style Kimono , set up their hair style to that time, and walking around. 
Apart from that, various kinds of shows are held throughout the day both in theater and outdoor. In a regular show, Ninjas fighting, Water magic  show, Edo judge system, Oiran show, Oiran parade, comic show, etc.
The schedule is given at the time of purchasing ticket so the visitor may watch the show according to the individual interest.  Many much more activities are accessible.

Ninjas show is a must see where the sword battle between two major Ninja clans scramble for a hidden scroll. The show itself is short, only 15 minutes but very exciting with variety kind of tricks and trap in a small house. Be sure not to miss Oiran show and parade as well. Oiran parade is an elegant parade of courtesans leisurely walk in the wide street while putting on a broad knotted sashes and elaborately devised hairstyles, wooden high heel call "geta" and accompanied by young servants and attendants. 

Seasonal events show is only held on weekends or holidays such as New Year Event, Peach Festival in Spring, and Mikoshi Festival in Summer. So its recommend to check the from website before visiting.

Another interesting is the wax museums of Kodenmacho Jail House and Kira-Kozukenosuke Residence which shows the scene of a revenge story, criminal life, torture, death penalty, etc.

Visitors can rent an Edo-style Kimono as well, the rate differs in the kind of Kimono. Putting on a Kimono and walking around is a good way to experience Edo. Many restaurant and food stall are available, recommended menu by the staff are Tori-soba (chicken noodles) which is the favorite of Nikko Edomura residents. Many souvenir shop such as teapots, china wares, sweets, Ukiyo-e prints, ninja weapons etc are also available. 
Edo-style decoration

Edo-style common people kimono

Horse care

Entrance of Ninja House- a must see place if you like excitement

Cute Ninja cat at the entrance

Outdoor fighting show

Oiran show

Oiran show- one man will be picked up from the male show visitors to be an Oiran's man.

Magic water show


Edo-style building


For more information on how to get there and opening hour please look the Edomura website.


  1. It looks very interesting and the Edo period is one full of culture and history. We have quite a few Edo period houses in Gifu in place like Takayama and Furukawa.

  2. I agree that Edo period is one full of culture and histor, one of remarkable classic Japanese art.



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