Thursday, November 22, 2012

Salt Grilled Pacific Saury - Yaki Sanma

Autumn is the best season to enjoy Yaki Sanmma. It's simply fresh, easy to prepare, plentiful of omega-3, flavor and of course very yummy. Shio Yaki or Salt Grilled is a common way to cook and enjoy the flavor of the fish. It commonly serves with grated radish and Sudachi which is Japanese citrus.

Ingredients ( servings 2)
2 fresh Sanma
1/4 of radish
1 Sudachi or lime
1 tablespoon of salt
A little soy sauce

1. Gut the fish, wash well and wipe off the water with kitchen paper. (take the head off if you wish)
2. Sprinkle salt to both side and grill it for 15 minutes at fish roaster
3. Shake out the salt a bit and serve hot with grated radish and Sudachi. Dash a little soy sauce over grated radish and squeeze Sudachi over the fish.


  1. How I miss Yakizakana!

    Nothing like eating a cooked Japanese breakfast.

    At izakayas I would always order some iwashi! Yummy!



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