Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year

Japanese New Year Flower Decoration.

 Dear readers,
Happy New Year to all of my readers. Wishing you all health, prosperity, happiness and love. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you to all of my followers, readers, and all supporters. I appreciate all of your supports for the past one year since this blog has been started. Again thank you for taking time to visit my blog.

Osechi (お節) - Japanese New Year Foods
Kagami mochi (鏡餅) - Japanese New Year Rice Cake Decoration.
Ozoni (雑煮) - Japanese Rice Cake Soup
Toshikoshi Soba ((年越し) - Year End Soba


  1. Happy New Year,Dar ! Wishing you all the best !

  2. The Toshikishi Soba looks delicious! And Happy New Year to you too xxx

    1. Thanks for comment and droping by NyNy xxx It's jsut regular Soba with Seaweed.According to Japanese people, eating Soba at the year end means to bring long life and smooth life.

  3. And a Happy New Year to you!

    They all look delicious:-)

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    1. Thanks Marius, the book looks interesting. Tokyo is a nice place live with multicultural, foods, etc.



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