Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tanita's Recipe - Healthy Dinner 500kcal

Bambo rice, Grilled Ayu fish, Salad, Side dishes and Soup.
          A healthy diet is essential for everyone in life. These days I have been cooking healthier dinner following Tanita's recipes. Tanita is a corporation which introduces  a set menu of 500kcal at their cafeteria and later on published a recipe book. Their book becomes very popular and rank best seller. Now the  restaurant is open to a public in Maruno Uchi Station,Tokyo. The tips on the menu include a lot of vegetables, less meat and rice. The flavors taste light, less oil or almost no oil at all. Most of the main dish will be baked lean meat or fish dishes. Today I am uploading the collection of my 500kcal dinner.  


Baked chicken breast with spinach sauce.

Baked Aji fish with basil garlic sauce

Tofu, Vegetables and meat Hambaku with Demi-glace sauce.

Baked Buri Fish Steak with garlic sauce.

Baked Pork in a ginger sauce.

Braised Chicken in a ginger teriyaki sauce.

Braised small fish and boil rice.

Cabbage and Shrimp Peperoncino Spaghetti.

Burdock rice and braised Salmon in Garlic Teriyaki sauce.

Vegetables and meat Habaku in a Demi-glace sauce


  1. All meals look so healthy.How are you ?

  2. All dishes look yummy and so inviting.

  3. wow..your blog is very beautiful.. I love cook :)



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