Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Breakfast in Myanmar

Mohinga with Chickpeas crispy fritter
Have you ever wondered what kinds of foods do people in Myanmar have for breakfast? Well, since Myanmar is a small country of different ethnic groups and background as a result breakfast also comes in variation. People eat different from state to state such as Bamar, Shan, Chinese, Indian, Kachin and so on. 

Breakfast is available at wet market, tea shop, food stall, or a woman who carries basket on her head to sell food like sticky rice etc., So when you hear a loud voice shouting around the flat, you know the seller is coming.

Usually, Myanmar people tend to eat outside or buy from wet market for breakfast rather than cooking at home. Well, the electricity is not 24 hours thus eating out is convenient, quick, easy for busy morning. 

Myanmar culture is strongly influenced by British's tea culture. Creamy and rich tea becomes part of Myanmar's culture and consumed as a breakfast and throughout the day. However, the taste is quite unique from any other and has it owns original taste. When you order tea, you can ask them flavor according to your liking for example sweet, normal, light, creamy, but light and so on. Otherwise, they will bring a normal, which is a bit sweet.

Mohinga is national dish of Myanmar and popular for eating as a breakfast. Mohinga is a rice noodles with fish soup garnished with crispy fried fritters such as chickpeas, gourd, Chinese donuts, boiled egg and so on. Additional garnishment such as lime, coriander, dry chili powder, fish sauce also add as liking.

Apart from that, other popular breakfasts are varied such as hand mixed noodle salad, noodles soup, fried rice,  Indian Nann bread with steamed beans paste, Indian puree, sticky rice with steamed beans, Chinese steamed bun, dim sum, etc.,

Boiled rice with assorted toppings


Burmese Tea

Fried rice, Fried Vermicelli, Fried mixed vegetables, Sunny side up egg and boiled egg.

Fried round rice noodle - popular at Shan State

Meat ball noodles - common at Shan State
Crispy pork skin and sausage - to eat with sticky rice

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