Saturday, April 13, 2013

Burmese Pork Curry (ဝက္သားဆီျပန္)

Burmese Pork Curry Set
I have posted some post about Burmese curry in the earlier post. This post is the review of where you can eat the curry in Myanmar. This restaurant is good for who missed to eat a popular dishes of Myanmar. It locates in the Yangon International Airport, first floor near the departure gate. As far as I noticed, there is only one restaurant so far after immigration check. They provides almost all kinds of popular dishes of Myanmar like noodles salad, curry set, tea leaf salad, snacks, coffee, tea, and cakes.

I ordered pork belly curry set. It comes with rice, soup and condiment of Ngapi Yay ( fish paste watery dip) with boiled and fresh vegetables. Actually I did not expect they will have this curry at airport. I entered to the cafe to have a cup of coffee and internet. When I looked at their menu I was so surprised to see many menu available and then I realized I did not have the curry yet during my stay there. At that time it was almost midnight I was not sure whether they would still serve the curry set. Fortunately there is, so I did not think any further and ordered the curry set. Traditionally, it supposes to serve with sour soup but it may be run out or targeted customer is foreigner so it is a plain vegetables soup. Even though I am not a fan of Ngapi Yay, this time I could taste it a little. It might be the feeling of homesick I guess.

Be sure to try the curry set if you miss to have it in the city. Their fresh coffee also taste great. 

Burmese Pork Belly Curry

Ngapi Yay ( fish paste watery dip) with  boiled and fresh vegetables.

Espace Cafe 1st Floor, Yangon International Airport, Airport Road,Mingaladon Township +95 (01) 723782, +95 (09) 5153555

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