Friday, April 12, 2013

Burmese Tea Leaf Salad (လက္ဖက္သုတ္)

Tea pickled ( Lahpet) is probably one of original tea culture in Myanmar. It is unique in itself and I have not seen so far in any other place. There is an old saying that "Of all the fruit, the mango's the best; of all the meat, the pork's the best; and of all the leaves, lahpet's the best". 

Depending on the region, the way to ferment also a little different. For example, some region adds a little sweet taste to the tea. The original taste of Lahpet has a little bitter taste and flavor  by elderly persons. On the other hand, the popular taste among young one is sour and spicy taste. 

The way to serve Lahpet also depends on the liking you can serve as its or make it as salad by adding slices of tomatoes, finely chopped cabbage or lettuce, garlic, chili, fish sauce and a squeeze of lime. It goes very well with a cup of Burmese Tea or simply a cup of black or green tea.

Ingredients ( 1-2 servings)

1 small pack of Burmese Tea Leaf sets (come with double fried crispy bean mixed)
A handful of chopped cabbage or lettuce
A slice of tomato as liking
1 teaspoon of dry shrimp
1 clove of garlic (slices it finely) 
A dash of lime, oil and fish sauce
chili as liking
  • Mix them thoroughly with hand or spoon and adjust the taste
  • Serve immediately.

Tea Leaf set - big set

Tea Leaf Salad before mixing
Tea Leaf Salad

Tea Leaf serves as traditional style
Burmese Tea

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