Sunday, April 7, 2013

Keng Tung Shan Food (2)

Fried Gyoza - Kaw Tae (ဖက္ထုပ္ေၾကာ္)
This post is the continued of previous post. I am going to upload more about Shan Food in Yangon. Most of the post is all about snack food. Shan people enjoy this kind of food for lunch or thought out the day and its popular for all ages. You may notice that most of the foods are steamed type or salad. Shan food have mild taste and less oil. Of course the spice is always accompanied aside like a fresh chili or dry chili. The taste can always adjust according to liking.

Sauce for Fried Gyoza

Sausage and Crispy Pork Skin - Salonpit and Kem Mu (ဝက္အူေခ်ာင္းဝက္ေခါက္)

Fried Noodle - Kaut Sin Koe ( မုန္႔တီေၾကာ္)

Fresh Sugarcane Juice - Nam Oil (ၾကံရည္)
Black Sticky Rice in Coconut Milk - Kao Mee ( သာေကြယိုင္)
I hope you get some image of Keng Tung Shan Food after viewing this post. Please make sure you try them once you are in Yangon or Keng Tung. This food is the food we are proud of and always long for. 

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