Thursday, May 23, 2013

Botataung Pagoda

Main Stupa where the Buddha's sacred hair relic is enshrined
Botataung Pagoda is one a most famous pagoda and a must visit in Yangon. Botataung literally means one thousand military officers. According to the local people, it says the pagoda was built 2500 years ago by Mon ethnic. Buddha's hair relic is enshrined at the main stupa of the Botataung Pagoda. The specialty is probably the inside of the stupa is hollow and open to the public. The hair relic is preserved in a glass covered by many jewels and gold where you can actually see from outside. The wall and ceiling are decorated with gold which shines beautifully. 
Apart from pagoda, there is also a Bo Bo Gyi (Nat pavilion) which is a guardian spirit of the Botatadung Pagoda. It's a believe that your wish come true if you wish one wish Nat pavilion. Beside that, there is a woman Nat Mae Daw which is woman to pray for Education. In praying, usually people offer money, flowers or banana set to Nat sells at the entrance. Believe it or not I recently made a wish when I visited there, surprisingly my wish came true. Whether you believe it or not, it's all up to you. However It's my experience and local people believe. Nowadays it's become one of popular holy place in Yangon. The main visitors tourists are from neighbor countries.
Buddha's sacred hair relic
Statue of Buddha

Statue of Buddha

Bo Bo Gyi (Nat pavilion)

Gold Craving Wall

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