Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tonami Tulip Fair

Tonami Tulip Fair is held every year on the Golden week of Japan from late April to early May at Tonami City, Toyama Prefecture. Tulips are the symbol of Toyama Prefecture and well known for its breathtakingly beautiful bloom of one millions tulips plants from over 450 kinds. Tonami Tulip Fair is one of the most popular festival during Golden week. Apart from tulips, varieties of events are also enjoyable. 

I went there a little earlier to avoid the crowded so some of the flowers may not be in the full bloom yet. Unfortunately the weather was so bad, rain, cold, gloomy and windy all day during my visit except one hour of sunshine. I was hurried to take picture as well as enjoy the flowers. It's a worth visit if you are in Japan or around Toyama. 
Perfect combination of Sakura flowers and Tulips

Pink Tulips

Tulip's Character

Lake of Tulips

Water Wheel and Tulips

Flowers Tunnel


Beautiful Tulip Close-up

The Red Tulip


  1. Tulips are very beautiful and celebrated quite a lot during spring in Japan. We have a big Tulip Festival at Kiso Sansen Park in Gifu.

    1. Yes, I love them. Spring is the best in Japan. Ic, we have only Tulip field in Niigata so I went over to see them at Tonami.



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