Saturday, May 18, 2013

Wisteria Flower Festival

Spring is one of my favorite season in Japan everywhere is filled with flowers. I love how the flowers bloom every time and how the Japanese people value the nature and take care of them well. Beauty of full bloom Wisteria vine is very romantic, magnificent, and very graceful to enjoy. Sitting under the Wisteria vine, enjoying the scent wafting through the air, gracing at the Wisteria dancing in the air completely made my day beautiful. There is nothing better than enjoy the nature and feel it. Wisteria is stunningly beautiful in a fine day of Spring. The festival is held in every part of Japan. Be sure to drop by the one near you.

Wisteria Flower Festival @ Hoppo Bunka Museum

Beautiful combination of Wisteria and Carps

Breathtakingly Beautiful

Little Bee


  1. It looks so beautiful! I will have to see a Wisteria Festival next year :)

    1. Yes they truly are :) worth to go and see them.



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