Welcome to my blog.
I am very passionate about cooking and eating. I believe cooking feeds the soul to both who eat and cook. Main theme of my cooking is healthy and easy one. My aim of making this blog is to share my cooking experience as well as to introduce some homemade Shan recipes. 

I am a Shan born and brought up in the Shan State, Myanmar.  I am currently living in Japan.  

Let me explain about Shan shortly. Shan is a Tai ethnic group of people in Myanmar. We call ourselves Tai people while Shan is called in Burmese language. If you are interested in Tai and want to know more about Tai, please refer to the following websites. 


If you have any question please feel free to leave a comment.

Shan State displays in orange color

Tai people in traditional clothes @ Temple

Oak War Festival

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