Japanese ingredients

Vege-fruit Oil- For stir fry and dip fry.

Vinegar- For sushi, dressing and  pickle.

Sake- rice wine - For seasoning, simmer dish, soup etc.

Mirin -weet rice wine- For Sushi, simmer dish and so on.

Soy sauce- For seasoning, grill, simmered foods, soup etc.

Kokuto - Brown sugar use in simmered foods, drink, sweet etc.

Tempura Flour - For tempura, deep fry dish.

Miso - Fermented soybean paste use in soup, simmer, sauce, etc. There are variety of color from yellow to brown.

Fu - Dried bread for miso soup and simmered dishs.

Wakame - For Miso soup,Salad, etc.

Kinako - Dried bean powder use in Mochi (sticky rice cake) and other sweet.

Bread crumb - Panko use for Tonkatsu, deep fried foods, etc

Kombu - Kelp is used in making dashi stock,simple stock and other simmered foods.

Grated Black Sesame - Used in dressing, sweet, dipping sauce etc.
Wasabi - Horseradish come in a green or white color. Use in sushi, sashimi, sauce, etc.

Roux - Curry Roux, Hayashi Roux, Stew Roux, etc.

Curry Roux

Ebi Tenkasu - Crunchy Shrimp deep fried batter use for Soba, Udon, Okonomiyaki etc.
Takoyaki sauce - use for octopus grill in flour batter.

Dried wakame - For Onigiri (Rice Ball)

Soy sauce - For sashimi (raw fish)


  1. This post has been a lifesaver! I can't quite figure out what's what in Japanese supermarkets and have a hard time cooking from recipes I see online! Thanks so much for this!



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